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Business costumer: 6 hours  FREE DIAGNOSIS & FREE QUOTE  Private ucostumer: 48 hours

The quote is free of charge and includes a careful diagnosis check and a list of recoverable files.

For RAID with several disks: click here to access to the RAID sending form

Private customer beware! If a disk has been dropped or has a serious mechanical problem the total price may exceed $900.

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If you are a business costumer please choose your optional express processing delay :

DATA RECOVERY in less than 2 business hours after quote approval

$750 extra charge

DATA RECOVERY in less than 6 business hours after quote approval

$490 extra charge

DATA RECOVERY in less than 24 Hours after quote approval

$290 extra charge


Extra charge is due in case of refused quote or partial data recovery

but not charged if the data recovery is out of the guaranteed delay.

PROMO code or rEFERAL phone number:  

If one of your harddrive must be opened and worked in our clean room in order to try to recover your data,

in the end of the process what do you want us to do with your "dead" harddrive?

Let it us recycle (free)      Rebuild the harddrive at its original state (+ $60 +Tx)

For our business costumers we provide a free pick-up of your hard drive throughout Canada and by courier within the Montreal area:

 [for more details see below]. For maximum security come and drop off your disk in person [Montreal: data recovery map].

A disk is highly fragile: wrap it with several layers of bubble wrap and then in a cardboard box to protect it from shocks. Use crumpled paper to fill in any spaces. Send your drive by carrier to the following address:


239 Notre Dame Ouest #401, Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 1T4 CANADA

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE all about our services in XVI articles :

Article I :


Chronodisk undertakes to apply all its resources and expertise toward the recovery of data from the drives or other media which the client shall submit. This service does not include the reconfiguration or re-installation of software to original state; nor does it include the reestablishment of the operating system; nor the re-configuration of messaging and data bases.

Article II : Quote

Your quote will be e-mailed to you within a guaranteed 2 to 6 hours for business customers, or 48 hours (not guaranteed) for private customers. This will include details of the detected damage or failure, the price for data recovery, and the time it will take. (If possible, depending on the extent of damage, a list will be compiled of files able to be restored.) The client accepts that for the purpose of providing this quote the disk or drive must be opened in a Clean Room environment.

Article III : Data recovery support media

The recovered data will be saved to CD-R or DVD+R (for up to 15GB), and to an external hard disk drive (for over 15GB). You have the option of providing your own recovery storage media, however the disks we provide come with a 3-year manufaturer's warranty. Chronodisk does not undertake to request manufacturer's replacement of a defective disk ; this remains the responsibilty of the client. The disk's outer casing is guaranteed for one year by Chronodisk to be replaced if defective. Your failed hard disk drive, with your recovered data, can only be collected from our premises in Montreal (QC).

Article IV : Data recovery time

The recovery of your data can normally be done in 24 to 48 hours for OS failures, and from 5 to 14 days (depending on the extent of damage) for interventions requiring Clean Room ISO 5 class 100. For private customers, recovery takes slightly longer, a minimum of 3 days for OS failures, and 2 to 3 weeks for Clean Room interventions.

Article V : Confidentiality

We adhere strictly to a policy of absolute confidentialilty not only with your data, but with your identity as well. No use whatsoever of your identity will ever be made without your explicit authorization.

Article VI : Keeping the original media and hardware spare parts

In cases of physical damage, and if you have not indicated that your disk is under warranty by marking

(following above)

(suite of article VI)

the relevant box on the service form, only your recovered data will be returned to you. The hardware parts will remain the property of our company and will not be returned.

The operation of dismantling and remantling hardware in a Clean Room environment makes it necessary for us to set costs greater than the actual cost of the hardware itself. In the event that you do not accept our quote, you can collect your hard drive, free of charge, at our premises... or it can also be posted back to you by Chronopost, at your own charge.

After either acceptance or refusal of our quote, you have 2 calendar months from the quote date to collect your hard drive from our premises at Montreal or to forward to us payment for re-expedition charges. Failure to do so will result in all materials being kept to be used as spares; and as a data security measure, the platters of your disks will be irremediably destroyed. Your file will be closed with no further recourse on your part.

Article VII : The hard drive's external casing, protective packaging and other personal effects

As it is not possible to guarantee the return of items attached to your hard drive, the drive should arrive free of all casing, attachments and screws. All protective packaging used for transportation will be discarded.

If your hard drive is supplied in its original casing or laptop, we should be able in most cases to extract it free of charge, bearing in mind the possibilty of slight or, in rare cases, serious damage to the external structures.

We decline all responsibility to make good any such damage. The remantling of the hard drive in its original casing incurs a charge of $50. The dismantling charge is reimbursed upon acceptance of our quote.

We will inform you of the complexities of dismantling and remantling upon receipt of the machine at our premises.

Article VIII : Payment

Payment is due once the recovery of your data has been completed. All late payments shall be subject to a monthly penalty of 2%, without further notice, as prescribed by law. of Canada.

Following acceptance of our quote and the recovery of your data, payment must reach us within one month of the billing date. All late payments shall be subject to penalties and to recovery by our specialist legal partners.


Article IX : Payments on account

Payments on account for supplies and parts used in Clean Room operations will not be reimbusrsed, even in the event of non-recovery of data. Payments on account for RAID operations will not be reimbursed, even in the event of non-recovery of data.

Article X :

Emergency price plan

If you chose the Emergency Service "Diagnostic check-up + recovery 6 business hours", the corresonding price is payable, even in the event of non-acceptance of the quote.

Article XI : Pricing for businesses, pricing for private customers

Pricing classification is based on the nature and content of your data, ie. for business or for private use. Special pricing advantages for private customers are not applicable to treatment of data of a professional nature (invoicing, accounts, client files, etc.) In the event that data is found not to comply with these restrictions, any private customer pricing advantages will be removed from your billing calculation, and without possibility of upgrade to the Express Services reserved for businesses. The application of higher pricing, in this event, does not entail any release from original contractual terms and obligations. Private customers may not submit company invoices, and payment must be made by private means only.

Article XII : Opening times

Our easily accessible headquarters at Montreal is open Monday to Friday 9:30am-5pm.

Article XIII : Quality

Recovery of data is deemed successful in all cases where our technicians have found no damage. Recovery is also deemed successful if the data indicated by the client on the service form appears on the list of recovered data.

Article XIV : USB keys

In most cases, the analysis of USB keys necessitates dismantling and/or destuction of the device.

The client presents such devices in full recognition of this fact, and understands that remantling and/or compensation is not included in the service.

Article XV : Dispute

Any dispute arising from the fulfilment, execution, cancellation or interpretation of the contract binding the two parties shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Montreal.

Article XVI : Legal notice

Chronodisk Inc. - Provincial number (NEQ): 1168170117 - Federal business number: 809164-1

The printing submitting or sending of this form

shall imply acceptance of the above general terms of sale.

(and send it with my Hard Drive)