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The TikoTek holding from which Chronodisk laboratory was hatched was established in 2001 by Imre Antal creator and editor of numerous computer magazines. Imre Antal was responsible for the production of 20% of the computer magazines on the newsstands between 1993 and 2000.

Former director of collections at First Interactive Publication and former deputy editor of Individual Computer magazine Imre Antal has built a solid reputation in the field of advanced technologies and high-risk troubleshooting in sensitive computer environment. It is his affinity with his readership that led Imre Antal to actively participate in the development of new higher standards and transparency in the field of data recovery. At Chronodisk response times were significantly reduced laboratory diagnosis became free of charge and without obligation pricing is clear transparent and expressed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Imre Antal and his team also undertake to observe strict confidentiality regarding the personal and professional data collected in the processing of your file. We never release the identity of our customers in any commercial document... Who else can say as much?